Foods to avoid eating after a Workout, Here's what you need to know

Updated: Apr 06, 2020 14:31 IST

Foods to avoid eating after a Workout, Here's what you need to know


Workouts feel fantastic and flood your endorphins, so you can be satisfied with the post-workout time. But intense exercise does deplete your energy system and strain your muscles, so you need to refuel to keep your feeling going during the day. Eating the wrong thing after a workout, however, will reverse all the good you've just done for your body and make you feel sluggish and exhausted right back. It can also be frustrating to do the right thing all the time. We think it's better to skip the poor stuff easily, leaving a whole range of excellent foods to choose from after exercise.

Know what foods to be avoided 


Avoid Sugary Shakes:

爱乐透彩票There are a lot of protein shakes and powders that are marketed as safe, but many of them contain too much sugar to count honestly。 Others have insane amounts of fillers, toxic compounds, and other bulking agents。 After a workout, you can still enjoy a fast shake。 It's a fast and easy way to fill your body back up。 It's also important that you select a low-sugar brand that's free of harmful additives。 One good brand of powder is Shape Nutrition, which is very delicious in a smoothie that includes unsweetened almond milk, whole oats, some ice, and the fruit of your choosing。

Energy Bars:

Energy bars are a big help when running out the door。 But many energy bar brands are plagued by the same issues as protein shakes – too much sugar and too many ingredients that can not be identified。 If convenience is your main concern, it's as simple as a banana or a handful of nuts, and also fully normal。 So if you need something in your gym bag that can take a fall, then decent low-sugar energy bars include Rxbar and Sakara。

Sports Drinks: 

爱乐透彩票Sports drinks make you feel amazing because they are high in sugar, but this rush is fleeting and eventually leaves you in a cave. The so-called balancing ingredient for electrolytes is sodium, which you lose when you sweat. But most of us are still taking in too much sodium during the day, so after exercising, there is no real need to chug one more batch.

Salty Foods:

After exercise, it's normal to crave salt, as we lose some with sweat. Sodium acts in combination with potassium to help protect the kidneys and control blood pressure; potassium, along with water, is also lost during exercise.


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